Dr. Mirna Atta who is the holder of a Doctorate Degree, established CIJE with the primary purpose of building long-term client relationships and creating environments that would become a destination, not just another space.

Dr. Atta orchestrated, constructed, and assembled a well-qualified team from Europe and the Middle East that share her unlimited passion for detail and design; and whom are more than capable of executing large scale projects to ensure the client’s satisfaction and requirements. This is evident in the broad range of successful projects that have been completed since the inception of the firm: houses and chalets, corporate office buildings and meeting facilities, restaurants, and private residences. Based on the original philosophy established on day one, all aspects that affect a project are considered from the conceptual design phase, the demographics, the budget, and to most importantly the client vision.

We at Cije are committed to providing projects that are tailor-made to the specific needs of each client, regardless of size. Additionally, our philosophy ensures principal involvement on each and every project. We have been fortunate to become a well recognized company in the execution of the latest state of the ART projects in Kuwait and the Middle East. Please allow us to to become your extended arm that contributes to your visions coming true.


Because just like any great conductor conducts his orchestra, Dr. Mirna Ata, Cije’s Managing Director and Owner, conducts and orchestrates performance with the same brilliant unity, tempo, execution, creativity, dedication and compassion to achieve our customer’s needs and objectives; creating ultimate master pieces to leave an everlasting effect in our customer’s hearts and minds.

CIJE understands the true essence of performance. CIJE delivers its services within a comprehensive understanding and actions that exhaustively adress performance hindering issues not only from a diagnostic view point but with practical actions to guarantee the targeted evolution of that certain project. Management orchestration is all about providing the complete chain of success factors and adressing related matters to harmonize performance.

Our broad spectrum of services seeks to ensure the perfect alignment and employment of the elements needed for your vision to shine and for us to acheive the targeted project at hand. Our unique approach, methodology and the professional talents we employ enable us to avoid certain misdemeanors and also enable us to deliver effective actions to serve you better. It is our process, products, and professionals that shall deliver the difference to your project and help us evolve to higher levels that ever before.

We CIJE an ISO certified company - ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and CIJE is an approved contractor with KNPC, KOC & KIPIC

We have our own fleet of heavy equipment for earth moving, roads and infra-structure scope of works. CIJE Equipments List.


Our vision reminds each of us of what we should be striving for each day and where we ultimately want to be as a company. Our passion and dedication to capturing the perfect vision is what sets us apart from the competition.

CIJE’s mission is:

To safely conduct, orchestrate and deliver any project, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our customers.

We will CREATE it, DESIGN it, CONSTRUCT it and DELIVER it.

We are innovative forward thinkers, not limited by the standard range of promotional merchandise. With communication and professionalism, we strive to offer exceptional service to our customers, and a safe and rewarding workplace for all staff.

At Cije we combine creativity, design, construction, effectiveness and professionalism to effectively promote brand integrity; but, most of all we provide experience. We understand design and their construction, we also understand business. That is why we continue to offer our customers a wealth of knowledge from past experience and our forward thinking. We aim to make suggestions, research, give examples, create and execute.

Our main mission has always been to offer all our customers, no matter what their size, exceptional service. We do not view ourselves as an entirely separate entity from our customer, we rather think of ourselves as another arm of your project, thus allowing us to live and breathe your project to creating our ultimate masterpieces. We ensure all of our staff, whether they work on site or in the offices are passionate and innovative people so that we can continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction.

The plain fact is we love to build and design just about anything! Maybe it stems from the pleasure of overcoming the intricate challenges of construction. Or the feeling of accomplishment when a project has been successfully completed. But most likely it simply comes from the delight we share with the customers and with all the project team members at a job well done.

Our VALUES solidify who we are and what we believe.

CIJE’s core values drive everything we do. Incorporating these core values in our daily work, and making them an integral part of our daily routine, is key to our future success.

Quality Building excellence

Safety No task is so important that we cannot find a safe way to do it.

Integrity We do the right thing for our customers and employees. We do what we say.

Resourcefulness We are a can-do, get-it-done company.

Customer Satisfaction We listen, we build trusting relationships and we stand behind our work.

Innovation We collaborate to innovate and deliver the highest expertise.