Sometimes in life, a human being’s role is often questioned. I remember the first time I saw a conductor, and that was a long time ago, moving around frantically with a small stick, I couldn’t help myself from laughing and wondering why does the orchestra need this mad man? The music sounded great and each and every single individual in the orchestra possessed the right amount of talent to master his/her instrument to produce these enchanting rhythms; so why do they need this conductor? This thought stuck with me until I grew wiser and gained more experience did it hit me – this man is the CONDUCTOR. This is the person who understands when to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, and to listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble. He does these things with such dedication, compassion and soul in order to harmonize the orchestra’s performance. And all that for just one sole purpose: to produce a unique master piece that would send the audience into that feeling of complete and utter satisfaction.

In application of the interior design, and construction the analogy looks quite straight forward. We need to orchestrate performance with the same brilliant creativity, impeccable planning, pool the required talents, and execute, accurately, passionately, consistently, and persistently to acheive the business objectives. However, what remains most illusive is not the collection of factors of success, but the intricate interdependencies that we need to understand, carefully manage, and continously develop to attain the synergy of productivity that creates leader organization.